Welcome to the Pfizer Psychiatry Research Awards Program.

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Pfizer Canada, who is strongly committed to improving the health and quality of life of Canadians living with mental illness, supported Canadian research and innovation through the Psychiatry Research Awards Program. This competitive research grant program aimed to advance clinical research and patient care in psychiatry by supporting Canadian investigators. An external review committee comprised of Canadian medical research experts evaluated all submitted proposals and selected the grant recipients. This committee was chaired by Dr. Glenda MacQueen, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.

Pfizer Canada provided annual support for the Psychiatry Research Awards Program from 2011 to 2015; over $1,000,000 in research grants were awarded. The program is currently closed.

Pfizer Canada continues to support innovation. Refer to the Pfizer Canada website or speak to your Canadian Medical Affairs representative for more information.

The following award (grant) competitions were held:

For more details, please visit the different award (grant) pages.


General Information

Eligible Areas of ResearchMORE INFO

The following are examples of research areas that are supported by the Pfizer Psychiatry Research Awards Program:

  • Clinical, Involving Humans
  • Outcomes/Epidemiological Research (e.g., structured surveys, pharmacoeconomics, disease management initiatives)

Non-Eligible Areas of ResearchMORE INFO

Any trial involving humans must be conducted in line with ICH guidelines and Canadian regulations (Health Canada).

The following are examples of research areas that are not eligible for the Pfizer Psychiatry Research Awards Program:

  • Basic Science / Fundamental (animal model, in-vivo / in-vitro)
  • Studies involving the administration / aiming to support the efficacy of a competitor drug or the use of a generic (it is best to address these proposals to the competitor/generic drug companies)
  • Proof of harm or otherwise highly invasive studies (unethical)
  • Studies conflicting with global Pfizer-sponsored programs
  • Mere repeat of existing studies (lack of innovation)

Please note that studies involving the use of unapproved Pfizer products were not eligible for the awards program.

About fundingMORE INFO

Awards (grants) between $40,000 and $100,000 were granted. Please note that the budget had to be inclusive of institutional overhead where applicable; this amount did not exceed 20% of the grant application budget.