Hotchkiss Brain Institute/Pfizer Canada Research Award (Grant)

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The mission of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute at the University of Calgary  is to inspire discovery and apply knowledge towards innovative solutions for neurological and mental health disorders. Information about the Hotchkiss Brain Institute’s research priorities, training programs, and funding opportunities can be found on their website (

Eligible Areas of Research: The focus of your research proposal must be in line with any of the following areas of research:

  • Major Depressive, Bipolar, or other Mood Disorders
    • Research increasing the knowledge on brain imaging and biomarkers
    • Exploratory research in biological psychiatry
    • Pharmacogenetic research 
    • The association between major depressive, bipolar and other mood disorders and other physical and mental co-morbidities with a view to improving treatment response and health outcomes
    • Understanding illness trajectory across the life course at the clinical and neurobiological level
    • Depression and other mood disorders in the workplace

About funding: This award (grant) is available to Hotchkiss Brain Institute full members only and is up to $50,000. HBI members applying for this grant must register their application with the Director of the Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education before submitting their final application. Award funds are intended to be operating grants and must contribute towards the direct costs of the research program or project for which the funds are granted. Please note that the budget must be inclusive of institutional overhead where applicable; this amount shall not exceed 20% of the grant application budget. Please note that applicants may not receive a salary, a stipend, or an honorarium from the Pfizer Psychiatry Research Award.